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Point-to-MultiPoint beamforming for fiber-like connectivity

JET sets a new standard of performance and reliability for wireless broadband. Enabled by RADWINbi-directional beamforming technology, JET powers the highest industry capacity with the longest range andunparalleled radio interference immunity.

Product Description:

RW-5BG5-2650 is a sector Base Station radio unit (HBS) that provides up to 750 Mbps net aggregate throughput while delivering access
connectivity for up to 64 Subscriber Units (HSU).

RW-5BG5-2650 supports 5.1 to 5.8 GHz and complies with ETSI regulations. The radio comes with a smart beamforming integrated antenna with embedded GPS.


Product Highlights:

- Base station with smart beamforming antenna. 
- Up to 750 Mbps net aggregated throughput.
- Long range - Up to 40 km / 25 miles.
- Supports up to 64 HSUs.
- Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) per HSU.
- Exceptional short and constant latency.
- Single radio supporting multiple bands.
- Advanced MIMO, OFDM and Diversity technologies.
- Robust and reliable operation in harsh conditions, extreme temperatures and non-line-of-sight scenarios.
- Ease of operation and maintenance.

Top-quality wireless broadband

Interference Immunity

A narrow antenna beam provides best 3rdparty radio interference immunity andreduces self-interference between adjacentsectors and nearby cells.

Built to Last

RADWIN manufacturers ruggedized carrier-gradeequipment to endure harsh weatherconditions and last longer. This cuts costsof ongoing replacements andreduces maintenance calls.

Fiber-Like Experience

JET Bi-Beam™ delivers highestbroadband capacity with the best userexperience, in a way that was once onlypossible when using fiber.

SLA and Best Effort

JET handles both strict SLA and best-effort,servicing both enterprises and consumersfor reduced investment and greateroperational flexibility.

Do More With Less Infrastructure

JET enables service providers to cover awider area with fewer base stations, towersand backhaul to save oninfrastructure costs and maintenance.


Smart deployment & operation

RADWIN provides premier professional services along with a suite of tools that optimizes base station deployments according to needed capacity, geographic conditions and structural constraints.

Subscriber unit installation is simple and quick with WINTouch – a smartphone application designed for SU alignment, configuration and link performance verification.


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